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Xbox 360 Platinum System

Posted by cyclone50 on March 24, 2007

xbox.jpgXbox 360 Platinum System

Xbox 360 Platinum System

only $564.49

Buy Now: Xbox 360 Video Game Platinum System
Introducing Xbox 360 from Microsoft, which delivers the most
powerful console, the best games, the next generation of Xbox
Live, and amazing digital entertainment experiences, all
unprecedented in home console entertainment.
If you are a serious gamer looking for the ultimate console, the
search ends here. Fully loaded, it is the unsurpassed gaming and
entertainment experience right out of the box.
We are talking a 20GB detachable hard drive (optional) for
downloading content and saving games, plus a headset and a wireless
controller (optional) for instant Xbox Live action. That is on top
of the console itself, which not only plays games in high
definition (HD) with 720p/1080i output and full surround sound, but
can stream digital photos and music from your Windows XP or Windows
Media Center Edition 2005 PC. Xbox 360 delivers the ultimate
digital entertainment and gaming experience.
With its built-in Ethernet port and a free level of the online
service, Xbox 360 instantly connects you to Xbox Live. Every Xbox
360 owner is a Silver subscriber–just plug the Ethernet cable into
your existing broadband connection and join a global community of
more than two million members. Set up a Gamer Profile, visit the
Xbox Live Marketplace, even send voice messages–and that is just
the beginning. Upgrade to Xbox Live Gold service and experience
multiplayer games and tournaments, intelligent matchmaking, voice
communication via the Xbox 360 Headset, and much more.
Includes Xbox 360 Console, (1) Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, Xbox 360
Hard Drive, Xbox 360 Headset, Xbox 360 HD-AV Cable, Xbox 360 Ethernet
Connectivity Cable, Xbox 360 Faceplate, Silver
Xbox Live Marketplace Service, and manual.
* Xbox 360 console
As with the premium edition, three powerful core processors pump out
720p/1080i output, 16×9 cinematic aspect ratio, anti-aliasing for smooth
textures, full surround sound and DVD playback right out of the box.
* Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
Hassle-free high-performance precision wireless gaming features the Xbox
Guide Button for quick access to digital movies, music and games
libraries as well as a range and battery life of up to 30 feet and 30
hours of life on two AA batteries.
* Xbox 360 Hard Drive (20 GB)
20 GB and detachable, the hard drive allows gamers to store their games,
music, downloaded trailers, levels, demos and community-created content
from Xbox Live Marketplace.
* Xbox 360 Faceplate
Like no other console before, the Xbox 360 console allows customization
and a removable Faceplate that comes in stylish “chill” (white), which
can be swapped out with other custom Faceplates to reflect gamers’
personalities or decor.
* Xbox 360 Headset
This lets gamers strategize with teammates or trash-talk opponents while
playing games on Xbox Live.
* Xbox 360 Component HD-AV Cable
This connects gamers to the world of Xbox 360 games and graphics through
high-definition and standard-definition connections.
* Play the Greatest Games Lineup Ever
Xbox 360 redefines what games look like, sound like, feel like, and play
like to engage you like never before. With Xbox 360, epic worlds are
alive with detail, from thunderous skies rumbling over a mountain range
to tiny blades of grass rustling together in the breeze. Vibrant
characters display depth of emotion to evoke more dramatic respons


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Sony Playstation 3 PS3 – 60GB Premium Video Game System (USA Version)

Posted by cyclone50 on March 24, 2007

playstation3.jpgSony Playstation 3 PS3 – 60GB Premium Video Game System (USA Version)Condition: New

only $719.99

Retail Price: $999.99

You Save: 28% ($280.00)

Buy Now:
Manufacturer Name: PS3
Sony PS3 – PS3 is the most advanced computer system that serves as a platform to enjoy next generation computer entertainment contents in the home, realized through the combination of Cell and RSX processors, in addition to the playability of a vast catalog of PlayStation and PlayStation 2 software titles.Having Giga-bit Ethernet and a pre-installed hard disk drive (HDD) as standard in PS3, users will be able to download a variety of contents as well as access on-line games and services over the network. Equipped with basic input/output ports, PS3 supports a broad range of displays from conventional NTSC/PAL standard TVs to the latest full HD (1080i/1080p) flat panel displays, offering the joy of the most advanced computer entertainment contents to homes around the world. For use in living rooms, maximum heat and noise reduction has been achieved with a noise level equivalent to that of the current slim-line PlayStation 2.With the overwhelming computational power of the Cell processor, PS3 is capable of playing back content from Blu-ray (BD) disc at a bit rate of multiplex 48Mbps with ease, the maximum bit rate defined in BD standards.The new controller for PS3 has been created by refining and improving the world’s most popular PlayStation controller which has shipped more than several hundred million units worldwide. The controller for PS3 employs a high-precision, highly sensitive six-axis sensing system that is capable of processing all parameters within the controller itself, thereby eliminating the need for any additional settings on the display system. By applying this technology, it will become possible to freely control the PS3 system over the network.

60GB Playstation 3
CPU – Cell Broadband Engine
Memory – 256MB XDR Main Ram, 256MB GDDR3 VRAM
Hard drive – 2.5″” Serial ATA (60GB)
Input/Output – Four USB 2.0 ports, Memory Stick/SD/Compact Flash
Communication – Ethernet, Bluetooth 2.0, Built-in IEEE 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi
Controllers – Wireless Bluetooth (up to seven)
Resolution – 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
AV output – AV multi-out, Digital optical, HDMI
Disc drive – Blu-ray/DVD/CD player
Sound – Dolby® Digital 5.1 (games), Dolby® TrueHD (Blu-ray movies)

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Hello world!

Posted by cyclone50 on March 24, 2007

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